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We offer complete flexibility for your data centre needs


We offer complete flexibility for your data centre needs.

Dedicated cages for multiple rack environments

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We can offer dedicated cages for multiple rack environments.

Power usage can be included or charged per kW

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Power usage can be included or charged per kW.

World class facility - one easy to reach location

We know how important it is that you get the correct set up for your colocation environment which is why we offer complete flexibility, taking the time to thoroughly understand your needs and creating the highest performance environment based on your demands. For businesses that might require the flexibility to change - for growth or shrinkage - we can offer flexible terms and contiguous space for expansion.

Our standard rack specification (800mm wide by 1000 mm deep and 45u high) delivers improved cooling and cable management. Power options range from 2kW to 20kW per rack and power usage can be included in the cost of the rental or charged on a per kW basis.

For customers with high density needs - in excess of 7kW, for instance - our team will work with you to plan and deliver racks that benefit from UPS backed fan tiles and cold aisle containment, ensuring that you get red-hot performance at a cool temperature.

For those with multiple racks in play, our dedicated cage options provide additional security without the expensive property build out costs. Secured to both raised flooring and ceiling slabs, each cage is fitted with tamper proof bolts to ensure the ultimate in structural integrity.

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By interconnecting both our datacentres with our highly resilient network, we allow our Partners to deliver solutions which guarantee 100% availability, meaning they can answer the business continuity needs of their customers

Tom O’Hagan, Managing Director at Virtual1